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Our story

Decades of experience in underwriting risks has led us to the firm conclusion that the corporate behavior of a company has a major impact on the risks that it is willing to take.

Underwriters inherently understand this, relying on long-standing relationships to deepen their knowledge of a client beyond what is possible purely from an underwriting submission.

Today’s unstructured, intuitive approach is fundamentally flawed. Shaped by the selective supply and analysis of information, it is subject to self-reinforcing biases on the part of both underwriters and clients alike.

We at Sustema set out to change this and help commercial insurers be more objective, consistent and profitable, using the largest source of independent data ever devised, the internet.

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Founding partners

Navraj Basra

Founding Partner

With a background in aeronautical engineering, data analytics and corporate underwriting, Navraj has spent his career extracting performance from data.

As a senior engineer in motor racing, he combined the latest developments in aerodynamics, CFD and kinematics to lead multi stakeholder teams, delivering performance and operational gains that lead to wins at Le Mans, Indy 500 and F1.

Continuing his career in the data-rich landscape of the insurance industry, he studied Big Data at MIT, fusing together his underwriting experience with the latest data science techniques. Navraj holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science from Loughborough University.

Hans Zimmermann

Founding Partner

Hans Zimmermann has more than 25 years experience in leading underwriting teams and managing property and casualty portfolios.

As the former Head of P&C Risk Management and Co-Head of Corporate Underwriting at Swiss Re, he held executive positions in the USA and Switzerland, leading over 180 underwriters and successfully managing a portfolio with a premium volume of over USD 1bn.

Industry advisors

Martin Albers

Chairman MS Amlin AG

Board Member MS Amlin plc and Vaudoise Holding SA
Previously Member of the Executive Board of Swiss Re

I am very impressed with the Sustema portfolio optimisation. It provides an independent and unbiased view which helps underwriters and underwriting governance to systematically improve the risk profile and hence profitability.

Chris Lajtha


Previously Head Corporate Risk & Insurance, Schlumberger

As a long-time corporate risk manager, it is gratifying to see that behavioural analytics can be used to front-end technical underwriting with an improved understanding of how corporate culture and consequent behaviours impact the corporate risk profile. We all share the same concern to drive performance enhancement in the commercial insurance supply chain – and Sustema has added a deceptively simple, yet powerful new tool that insurance carriers should welcome.

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