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A consistent and objective measure of a company's impact upon stakeholders

Like consumer behaviour, corporate behaviour can be measured and used to understand a corporation's attitude towards risk and its stakeholders.

By measuring and analysing financial health, insurance quality as well as social and environmental impact, Sustema provides insurers with a consistent and objective way to analyse corporate behavior and factor its effects into the underwriting process.

Based exclusively on publicly available data, Sustema removes the dependence on client supplied information and the biases inherent in today’s commercial insurance underwriting process.

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Making client and industry groups comparable

Today, with corporate underwriting based on client supplied risk data, behavior is inferred, not measured. Client relationships and gut feel therefore impact the underwriting and capacity allocation processes.

By analysing the behavior of over 17,000 listed companies, Sustema provides an objective and consistent behavioral analysis that greatly enhances risk selection, capacity allocation and portfolio structuring processes.

Delivering to insurers a comprehensive real-time analysis of corporate information that goes far beyond what is possible with the traditional underwriting submission alone.

Enhances existing processes, builds upon your underwriting strategy

Behavioral data analytics platform for corporate underwriting teams

Delivered as a cloud-based service, Sustema enables insurers to rapidly integrate behavioral analytics into existing underwriting processes.

Providing underwriters with a granular behavioral analysis for their current and prospective clients and portfolio managers with a means to perform industry segment analyses. By building upon an insurers existing underwriting strategy, Sustema is able to improve the consistency of capacity allocation across a portfolio which results in improved Loss Ratios.

Sustema does not impact the existing underwriting processes, with risk analysis and pricing remaining untouched.

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Improved consistency
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Portfolio gains

Customer back-testing of the Sustema insurance intelligence service has shown significant loss ratio gains.

The benefits to highly experienced and well-performing underwriting teams are equally clear to see. With customer back testing showing that the performance of a portfolio with initial loss ratios of 55% would have been markedly improved by the application of Sustema's behavioural analytics.

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